When it comes to work, you are entitled to healthy and safe conditions, job security and fair pay. Whether you’re starting a new job, returning to work, or managing an existing workplace issue, The Services Union along with all branches of the Australian Services Union are by your side. Once a member, we protect and promote you’re the rights of workers in critical areas such as:


Pay and entitlements
Our experienced team is dedicated to ensuring members are paid the wages they deserve. In 2021-22, The Services Union alone recovered over $3.7 million in unpaid wages for members. Our expert Industrial Officers can assess whether your wage and entitlements are in line with your industry award, enterprise agreement or contract.


Job security
Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, the Australian Services Union has promoted the job security of our members by negotiating fair outcomes with employers, keeping members connected to their workplaces and by stopping job cuts. At the start of the pandemic - in 2020 alone, the Australian Services Union stopped 12,000 members from losing their jobs. 


Health and safety
Union workplaces are safer workplaces. We’ll help you resolve any workplace safety issue – whether it’s a physical health and safety issue or relates to stress and other mental health hazards. You should be safe at work. 


Protecting you through workplace challenges 
Workplace changes can be challenging. In 2020, the Australian Services Union supported over 10,000 members through workplace changes, redundancies and finding additional work.


Empowering workplaces
Our Union is a democratic and worker-led organisation. Union Workplace Delegates and representatives work with our Union officials to better workplace safety, improve pay and conditions, and stand with members to navigate any workplace challenges they may have. Our Union provides workplace leaders with the training and support they need to empower their workplaces. 


Job opportunities and career development
The Australian Services Union is by your side, every step of the way.That's why we created ASU Career Launchpad which is your exclusive member-only professional development platform with webinars designed to help you take the next step in your career. Registrations for new courses are now open! Information on our current courses can be found here.

If you need advice or require assistance with a problem at your workplace, call Services Connect on 3844 5300  or contact us here via our online form and an experienced member of our staff will contact you.




You're never alone!

We are by your side at Services Connect on (07) 3844 5300.

I joined, because protecting my working rights is a top priority.”
Lorraine - Union member - Clerical/Admin. 

27 Ways and Growing Campaign

The 27 Ways and Growing Campaign was launched by The Services Union in 2013 to highlight the achievements of the union movement. 31/03/2022