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Keeping you up-to-date with the latest information in regard to industrial issues and resources about your work, is one of the many benefits of being a member of The Services Union. Please find here (below and the right) an array of resources to help answer the many questions you may have. We are by your side at all times and here to assist you. Remember you can always call us also at Services Connect on 3844 5300.

Industrial resources 

Please click the links below to download the relevant factsheets (all documents are in PDF format).
+ General
Casual employment
Contract of employment
New Workplace Protections For Working Women
Paid Family and Domestic Violence Leave
Flexibility At Work
Banning Pay Secrecy
Preventing Sexual Harassment At Work  
Gender Discrimination At Work
Workers Compensation FAQ
ASU Workplace Guide To Prevent and Respond To Sex Discrimination and Sexual Harassment
Working From Home Fact Sheet
Working From Home Tips Fact Sheet
Workload Stress Fact Sheet
Surveillance Fact Sheet
Insecure Work Fact Sheet
Bullying At Work Fact Sheet

+ Dealing with issues at work:
Meetings: Knowing your rights & responsibilities when attending a meeting
Role of a support person 
Responding to a letter of allegations or notice to show cause
Preparing a written response to allegations of poor work performance or misconduct 

+ Social and community services (SACS)
Wage increase (effective 1 July 2023)
Crisis accommodation wage increase factsheet (effective 1 July 2023)
Family daycare wage increase (effective 1 July 2023)
SACS Christmas Shutdown
Work From Home Fact Sheet

+ Labour market assistance industry

Wage update


Mental health and wellbeing in the workplace 

+ Mental health and wellbeing:

Mental health & wellbeing in the workplace booklet
Mental health and wellbeing policy booklet

Domestic and family violence resources

Responding to DFV in the workplace is the responsibility of us all. The materials below are designed to be read by employers, supervisors, managers, and co-workers as well as workplace leaders, union and workplace health and safety representatives. Please click the links below to download the relevant factsheet (PDF format). 
+ Guides:
Domestic and Family Violence Workplace Safety Planning Tools Guide 
- Recognising and responding to domestic and family violence in your workplace Guide
- Workplace guide to prevent and respond to Domestic Violence

+ Factsheets:

Workplace response to DFV 
Offering support
Do's and Don'ts when supporting someone
Stopping calls and contact at work
Warning signs
Working from home/ COVID
Coercive Control
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employees
Culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD): information for migrants, people seeking asylum or refugees 
Additional resources
- Paid Family & Domestic - New Workplace Protections

+ Information:
- Key facts
- Death review by gender


As a Workplace Delegate, my union supports me behind the scenes with training and resources. I am a proud member of my union. ”
Val - ASU member - Rail Industry

27 Ways and Growing Campaign

The 27 Ways and Growing Campaign was launched by The Services Union in 2013 to highlight the achievements of the union movement. 31/03/2022