The Services Union along with the National Australian Services Union is dedicated to ensuring workers have secure employment. We believe this is a basic human right. Together, with the Australian Council of Trade Unions and the Queensland Council of Union, we are demanding changes that protect job security. 

Everyone deserves safe, secure, and reliable work. Yet over 3 million workers, or 20% of the workforce, is in insecure work, making it difficult to plan for the future. The number of Australians holding more than one job is currently the highest on record. Casual, short-term, or contract-based work with no assurances like sick leave and reliable income are increasingly common. This is made even worse by short-term funding cycles that affect the ongoing employment and job security of workers. 

This needs to change. Our Union, along with the broader Union Movement, is dedicated to changing it. 

We oppose outsourcing. Instead, we advocate for in-sourcing services and work. This is an ongoing campaign effort which requires structural changes to our economy. We are committed to making work in Australia more reliable, safe, and secure. 

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The ASU is a champion of ensuring its members have secure jobs and fair wages and conditions at work. ”
Trish - Union member - Rail Industry

27 Ways and Growing Campaign

The 27 Ways and Growing Campaign was launched by The Services Union in 2013 to highlight the achievements of the union movement. 31/03/2022