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Union members are better paid, have better working conditions and job security as well as access to Industrial Support and Advice from our Union’s experienced Industrial Officers. 

You can also save thousands of dollars a year by accessing our exclusive Member Benefits!  Download our latest flyer here . We work in partnership with several trusted organisations to bring you the best possible value from your membership. Check out all our offerings on this page.

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Access to Member Advantage, ASU Launchpad, Professional Indemnity Insurance and The New Daily is automatically activated once you join.

If you would like to access your Free Will, Union Shopper or find out how much money you can save with Union Health then simply get in contact with us on [email protected]or by calling us on Services Connect on 07 3844 5300. Want to share this with your colleagues about why they should join?  

Member benefits:

+ Welcome to Union Health – it's time for a fairer health fund We have partnered with Union Health – a specialist health fund for union members  brought to you by TUH – Australia’s most trusted health fund – to provide you with great health insurance coverage that focuses on fair. So, if you’re ready for your health to be treated fairly, it’s time to take a closer look at Union Health.

We're backed by TUH Health Fund
TUH Health Fund ranked top for trustworthiness, satisfaction and likelihood to be recommended in a national survey by Ipsos Public Affairs. On top of that, in the latest DBM Consultants’ Consumer Atlas survey of over 60,000 Australians, TUH was also voted Australia’s Most Recommended Members-Owned Health Fund. With their support, Union Health delivers the same award-winning level of service. We do what we promise and we stand by our values, union values.

More hospitals to choose from
If you’re going into hospital, not only do Union Health have a larger choice of hospitals, they also offer a higher percentage of services with no out-of-pocket expenses than BUPA, NIB or MEDIBANK (2018 State of the Health Funds Report).

A belief in quality
Union Health cover have a range of quality products that will suit you through your different life stages.

A health fund that's 100% member-owned
Union Health believe in acting in the best interests of their members, not shareholders. That’s why they don’t pay their people commission, so you get fair, genuine advice. And because they’re 100% member-owned, their profits go straight back to you in the form of better products and services.

Click here for more information. 

Source: Ipsos Healthcare & Insurance Australia survey 2017

Union Health 31st Birthday Card

+ First Aid We’ve just launched a brand new benefit for ASU Members! That’s right, as an ASU member you can now get up to 30% off First Aid Training at the Red Cross! Learn more.

+ Mental health training  We know your mental health matters. That’s why the ASU have partnered with the Red Cross to give members 20% off Mental Health First Aid Training.

You’ve probably heard of CPR and First Aid Training, but Mental Health First Aid is just as important and gives you the knowledge and confidence to support people who need it. To book in for Mental Health First Aid training, use your exclusive ASU-member only discount code at the check out to get 20% off.

Having mental health first aid skills means that you can support someone in a crisis or who’s developing a mental health problem and make a real difference to your community. You’ll gain skills and strategies to support the people around you and gain a better understanding of different mental health issues.

So book in for Mental Health First Aid training now by clicking this link and enter the discount code at the checkout. Call us on 3844 5300 to get your discount code.

As an ASU member you can access massively discounted First Aid training courses, including Mental Health First Aid, CPR, First Aid for Babies and Children and more.

For all available First Aid courses and your discount code, get in touch with us today by calling 3844 5300.

+ Union Shopper  The team at Union Shopper have been delivering great shopping, travel and auto deals for union members for over 40 years. Sign up for Union Shopper today and register to access commercial prices through The Good Guys and much more.

+ Professional Indemnity Insurance Do you work in the Social and Community Services Sector?

You may not be aware but your union membership automatically provides you with Professional Indemnity Insurance.

Our policy provides limit of indemnity up to $5,000,000 for any one claim and $15,000,000 in the aggregate and cover for legal costs in relation to inquiries.

This covers you no matter where you work in the community sector. Whether that’s disability services, mental health, homelessness or youth it pays to be a member and to have peace of mind that you’re fully covered.

+ The New Daily As a member of The Services Union, you will automatically receive The New Daily – a free daily online news service, straight to your inbox.

The New Daily is one of Australia’s fastest growing news services, delivered every morning with the day’s top stories, in news, sport, weather, entertainment, superannuation and personal finance. Check out The New Daily here.

There’s nothing you need to do – your free subscription with automatically start after you join. You can opt-out directly to The New Daily at any time if you decide later that you no longer wish to receive daily emails.

+ Union fees = Tax deductible  Your union membership is 100% tax deductible!

This is a great reason to join as any cost associated with union membership is greatly reduced or completely negated by your Member Benefits and your tax deduction.

Our office will automatically send you a copy of your tax statement to your nominated email address at the end of each financial year. If you would like to request a copy of your statement please contact our membership team on 3844 5300 or email us at [email protected]

+ Freedom Fuels
As a member of The Services Union you have access to some great savings on fuel and store purchases through our new Freedom Fuels discount card available exclusively by invitation by being a member of The Services Union.

To register for a Freedom Fuels discount Card, please follow the link: and then call Services Connect on 3844 5300 to get the access code.

+ Member Advantage
The Services Union is pleased to offer more value to our members with the Member Advantage benefits program. This program is a complimentary service, offering you and your family unlimited use and allows you to save money on your everyday expenses.

You can access The Services Union member benefits website directly from

How do I access the benefits website?

For your first visit, click request new password and enter your email address. You will be sent an email with the link to enable you to activate your account and set a password.
Going forward you will use your set password and email address to access your benefits.

Your digital membership card
To access The Services Union digital membership card, visit your member benefits website directly from  and click on the digital card icon on the top right navigation bar.

Any Questions?
For more information, email The Services Union Member Advantage on [email protected] or 1300 853 352

Start enjoying your benefits now and don’t forget to bookmark it to your favourites!

I offset my fortnightly union fees by accessing Member Benefits which give me savings on groceries and services.”

Kate - ASU member - Local Govt. 

27 Ways and Growing Campaign

The 27 Ways and Growing Campaign was launched by The Services Union in 2013 to highlight the achievements of the union movement. 31/03/2022