Western Downs Regional Council Bargaining Update!

When it comes to pay negotiations at Western Downs Regional Council, The Services Union is by your side from the get-go. We ensure we’re across the economic indicators and the state of play (and pay!) at similar workplaces so we can come to the table prepared. In contrast, judging by last week’s Certified Agreement (CA), the Council seems unable to understand the fact that we’re actually bargaining to improve your pay and conditions!

Council sees value in convening separate non-bargaining discussions with Utilities staff about attraction and retention. Clearly the appropriate forum for such discussions is at the bargaining table. But the Council can’t seem to understand this, choosing instead to reject your claims for attraction and retention provisions, several of which are cost-neutral.

The Council has also failed to produce the appropriate gender-pay data now required by legislation. A pay offer which considers the current economic indicators is similarly absent.  
The one positive is that the Council has tabled the following in answer to our on-call allowance claim:

  • Weekdays - $35/day
  • Weekends - $45/day
  • Public Holidays - $55/day
However, that’s where the good news ends.

The Council needs to table a decent pay offer now and start talking to us about our proposed provisions to improve attraction and retention. In the meantime, we’ll consider what options are available to make this happen.

What we do know is that a strong and active Union is always the best resource to get the Council moving. If you work with someone who is not yet a member and is keen for an Agreement that addresses current economic and staffing issues, remind them that joining is easy online.

Above: TSU members at Western Downs Regional Council.