Virgin Australia workers vote in favour of new working conditions


Virgin Australia workers have voted in favour of the new Virgin Australia & ASU - Guest Services & Guest Contract Centre – Agreement 2023. While the Enterprise Agreement does not include everything we wanted, it stands as a significantly enhanced Enterprise Agreement that improves working conditions.

The Airline will prepare the Enterprise Agreement application for the Fair Work Commission for approval. The Commission will assess the Enterprise Agreement to ensure you are better off overall than the Award (industry minimums).

The yes vote secured the following:

• An improved pay offer over the life of the Enterprise Agreement. In 2023, Virgin Australia’s Guest Services wages will increase by 8.75%, comprising 5.75% from the increase already paid from 1 July and an additional 3% backdated to 1 July. This is in comparison to Virgin Australia’s initial offer of just 7.1% for 2023, which workers voted down. This year, workers achieved an additional 1.65% by voting down the initial proposal. Once implemented, Virgin Australia workers' wages will no longer be at the bottom and lift it above some competitors.

• Improved allowances, such as shift buddy/ mentor, higher duties allowance, line trainer, etc.

• Improved and protected parental leave, including superannuation being paid on Virgin Australia’s paid leave.

• A once-off payment of $2,000 (for employees with more than 12 months of service) or $750 (for employees with less than 12 months of service) plus superannuation on top of that payment, which will be paid shortly.

• Protected sick leave.

• Ensured that Days in Lieu can still be accrued to a maximum of 5.

• Improved breaks by adding travel time to the break and introduced a payment for when breaks are not provided.

• Ensured meaningful rest when rostering between late and early shifts.

• Introduced an additional part-time model.

• Updated the classification structure and introduced new levels to create a career path for workers.

• The new Enterprise Agreement offers protection to workers by requiring that Virgin Australia must implement the changes to the classification structure within eight weeks of the Enterprise Agreement being approved by the Fair Work Commission, and the Airline must backpay workers.

Below is a comparison of what workers have gained in the 2023 per-hour pay rates by voting down Virgin’s first offer.

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Above: The ASU is the union fighting for workers at Virgin Australia.