Urban Utilities: Time to wake up and smell the coffee

Congratulations to all members of The Services Union at Urban Utilities Scientific Analytical Services. Your significant and decisive “NO” vote for Urban Utilities’ proposed Enterprise Agreement (EA) is the first concrete step towards achieving the deal you deserve.

While Urban Utilities scrambles for a Plan B, from our point of view your next steps are drinking-water clear. Vote “YES” to all questions in our Union’s Protected Action Ballot (if you have not already voted). Discuss with your colleagues who will represent your work group on our Workplace Strike Committee. Decide on which actions will be the most effective for your work group to participate in.

These steps are your direct pipeline towards an EA that properly rewards your professionalism and recognises the value of your work. By giving Urban Utilities’ half-baked offer the royal flush, you’ve sent a message that it’s time to wake up and smell the coffee. Your continued determination and commitment will reinforce that message.

For your remaining few colleagues who are not yet members of The Services Union, it’s never too late to join and help achieve the right EA outcome. It's easy online.