Update: Strengthening Engagement in our Join Consultative Forum

We're excited to share significant strides in our efforts to enhance engagement within our Disability Services division at UnitingCare:
  1. Reengaging Our Joint Consultative Forum:  Meet Our Joint Consultative Committee (JCC) Representatives, Michael McDonald and Jon Janetzki your dedicated Union Delegates, who are committed to amplifying your voice within UnitingCare.
  2. Empowering Union Presence: By reengaging our Joint Consultative Forum, members have a platform to address workforce matters proactively and collaboratively with management. This in addition to increasing our visibility in the workplace helps safeguard your rights from the outset.
  3. Feedback Mechanisms: Regular surveys will be implemented to gather your valuable input, ensuring our actions align with your needs and concerns.
For further insights into the recent discussions, please watch the attached video featuring Michael and Jon. Click Here

As we gear up for negotiations on the new UnitingCare Agreement, flagged to commence in April, your active participation is vital and if you have not yet completed our current survey you can do so by clicking here.

Your engagement and support are invaluable as we strive for positive change together, so please encourage your colleagues to become members of our union. Being a member as you know has a direct impact on shaping our collective future at UnitingCare.

By Your Side,

Above: ASU is the union fighting for members at UnitingCare Queensland.