Unpaid placements - we took the fight to Canberra!

We’ve heard from hundreds of students all over Australia this month. They all say the same thing: unpaid placements are hitting them hard financially. In some cases, it’s even forcing them out of education.

Today, we joined forces in Canberra with leaders in social work education, Students Against Placement Poverty, and Senator Dr Mehreen Faruqi

ASU members, students studying community services degrees and academics all spoke about the unfair system of unpaid placements and explored solutions available to the Government.

We are calling on the Federal Government to:

- fund organisations that take students on through placements, to pay them for their work at the minimum industry rate;
- create employment relationships between organisations and students to create better pathways to careers in the sector; and
- ensure education providers and placement agencies pay social work at the minimum industry rate

If you’ve shared your story, or signed the petition in solidarity – thank you, you’re making the noise this issue deserves.

Add your voice to end unpaid placements and make sure all work is paid work by signing and sharing our petition here.

Together we can end unpaid placements for Community Services Degrees and ensure students are supported throughout their education and into their careers.

By your side,

The Services Union.

ASU: All work should be paid. It is time students are paid for compulsory Community Services Degree placements.