Unitywater members - don't vote up a watered-down deal!

The Services Union is aware that Unitywater is pushing ahead with a substandard Enterprise Agreement (EA) for you to vote on.

Unitywater had undertaken to discuss the dates for the access period and voting process with our Union, but clearly this was nonsense.

Members AND non-members have returned decisive votes against accepting Unitywater’s offer. That’s not surprising, considering Unitywater’s offer:
  1. doesn’t address the 3% gap between cost-of-living growth and your pay increases over the last four years
  2. comes up short compared to recent agreements made with Sunshine Coast Council (15% over three years) and Urban Utilities Labs (10% for one year, with upward reclassification and a $3000 sign-on)
  3. contains pay rates below comparable workplaces such as SEQWater and State Government Departments
  4. provides no clarity on how pay increases for Total Remuneration Package staff will be applied.

For 14% over four-plus years, it’s no wonder everyone at Unity Water has voted against accepting the deal. However, the vote that counts is the one commencing on Friday 8 March. If you agree you deserve better, ensure you vote, and VOTE NO!

Remind anyone who wants to join our campaign for a better deal that joining is easy online .

Above: The ASU is the union fighting for workers at Unitywater