Centacare Workers  Worried about Wage Cuts


Members of The Services Union have expressed their dismay about the uncertainty surrounding future wages at Centacare. Through this uncertainty, it’s important that you know that our Union is by your side.

In our most recent newsletter, workers learned that wages are not the only thing at risk of changing. Our Union included some general “zombie agreement” info and outlined how legislation would impact the Centacare EBA (the Agreement). The newsletter also mentioned our Union’s proposal to Centacare to renegotiate a new Agreement, which would seek to protect your current wages and working conditions. Your employer has refused this request. Without a new Agreement, on 7 December 2023 your working conditions and wages will change to align with the industry-minimum conditions provided for within the Social, Community, Home Care and Disability Services Award 2010 (the Award).

The recent newsletter also included a helpful comparison guide that our Union put together to outline key differences in working conditions between the Agreement and the Award. Workers were urged to read the guide and share feedback in our union-made survey. You can read the full newsletter here.

Worried Centacare workers wait for word on wages!

It may come as no surprise to you that union members are eagerly awaiting answers about the potential changes to their take-home pay.

It may also come as no surprise to you that Centacare has no answer for workers yet.

In early September, Centacare proposed a disappointing and concerning draft wage proposal. Unfortunately, we have been asked by your employer not to share specifics until Centacare confirms the final details.

However, our Union can say that while it is not yet finalised, what we have seen of Centacare’s draft wage proposal is shocking. Your Delegates have stressed to your employer that the draft proposal only further highlights that Centacare’s leadership team does not understand the financial pressure on its frontline workers.

All in all, your Delegates and our Union Officials have concerns about how your take-home pay might be impacted. It’s nearly October, just two months away from the termination of the Agreement, and Centacare has not yet presented a solid plan for workers’ wages and conditions.

“Workers want to know – what does our December look like?”

It’s extremely disheartening and disappointing that Centacare, a faith- and values-based organisation which boasts care as its calling, would leave workers to worry about potential pay cuts amidst an ongoing cost of living crisis.

Workplace Delegate Faith Steele addressed Centacare directly and asked, “What does our December look like?” Our Union knows you have bills to pay, and many have families to support. Some of you are single income families, too. Regardless of financial stressors, many workers are worried about budgeting for the holiday season. But in just two months’ time, your take-home pay could look very different. So, how do you budget with no certainty of your wages come December 2023?

The Services Union wants to know: can YOU afford a pay cut?

As our Union continues discussions with Centacare, your voice is essential! Help our Union understand what’s important to workers by completing our union-made survey below.

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Above: The ASU is the union fighting for workers at Centacare.