The annual inflation figures are in, so let's talk fair wages!

Whether it's skyrocketing rent or eye-watering prices at the supermarket, we're all feeling the crunch. While things are going in the right direction with the new cost-of-living tax cuts and inflation coming down, it’s not enough.  

We all know there's something that can make a real difference – a fair pay rise that truly reflects the value of your work. 

We're keen to know: how's the squeeze affecting you?  
How would better pay help you and your family? 

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The fight for fair pay has only begun

Last year ASU members campaigned for and won a 5.75% pay rise for SCHADS Award wage workers in the social, community and disability sector, and an 8.6% increase for those on the minimum wage.  

But the job is not done. In 2024, we're making our case again. Wage increases are about to be decided for millions of workers in the Annual Wage Review. We're saying loud and clear: Australians need a pay rise.  

We're not just fighting to keep up with inflation; we want to beat it. And for that, we need to stand together to demand a fair annual wage increase. 

Frontline workers supporting our communities deserve secure, decent and well-paid jobs. To make this happen, we need your input. 

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The Services Union

P.S. Strength comes in numbers. Pass this on to your workmates. The more of us joining the TSU and sharing our views, the stronger our call for fair pay. 

Above: The fight for fair pay has only just begun!