TSU Members Say Qantas Must Press the Reset Button

 TSU members are calling on Qantas directors and shareholders to listen to loyal employees and customers who want to see it rebuild and do much better in the future.

Qantas must place its workforce at the centre of plans to rebuild the airline and restore public support following a turbulent period marred by cost-cutting and job losses.

We have lost thousands of jobs at Qantas both before and during the COVID-19 pandemic. While passenger demand has surged back to normal levels, staffing has not.

TSU members take pride in delivering high quality travel experiences, they are doing the best they can for the business. But Qantas’ strategy of cutting costs and outsourcing jobs has made the travel experience worse, workforce morale has slumped, and stopped TSU members from delivering high quality customer service.

The board needs to invest in the frontline staff who have paid a significant price for the short-term thinking that has led to the airline’s current woes. A good start would be to invest in high quality customer service by bringing their call centres back on shore and in house.

Qantas turned a profit of $1.7 billion last financial year and has outlined a generous package of bonuses for senior management – they can afford to pay their workers fair wages and recruit more frontline workers so that they can ensure you have work-life balance, predictability, and health and safety uppermost in your roster.

Qantas workers have a right to secure employment and a liveable wage, and the TSU is working hard to ensure the new management team at Qantas learn the lessons of the past and invest in their frontline workforce of highly skilled customer service professionals.

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Above: It's time to invest in frontline staff and quality customer service