Stand up for fair pay at Gympie Regional Council!


It’s time to stand up for the pay rise you deserve! Gympie Regional Council needs to give you a pay increase that recognises your dedicated service, and our Union is by your side to ensure this happens.

Last week you rejected the Council’s undercooked wage offer of 10.5% over the three-year life of the Agreement. We also have notified the Council that we are commencing Protected Industrial Action tomorrow (Wednesday 31 August).

Your Workplace Delegates and Union Strike Committee are convening a stop-work meeting and rally at Memorial Park at 9:15am tomorrow and request that all members working in or near Gympie stop work for an hour at 9:00am to attend.

No member should feel obligated to inform management in advance of their decision to stop work. If a manager or supervisor asks you between now and tomorrow at 9am whether you are intending on stopping work, you are within your rights to say “I don’t know”.

Now is the time to send the Council a message that you need a wage increase that values the vital work you do and helps you keep up with the cost of living!

Only members of The Services Union can participate in this industrial action. If you work with someone who wants a fair deal but is not yet a member, they can join quickly, easily and confidentially here.


Above: ASU is the Union fighting for Gympie Regional Council.