Stand Up for Fair Pay Tomorrow!


The Services Union’s members at Redland City Council are stopping work tomorrow in support of an acceptable pay increase. Our Union will rally in the public space between the Sands Hotel and the Cleveland Library. Members will be advised of stoppage and rally timings via email and SMS so stay tuned.

You have received an email from the Council today regarding its response to our proposed action, and we remind you not to use Council resources or equipment when participating in protected industrial action.

The Council has also stated that any member who participates in any protected industrial action tomorrow will be locked out for the rest of the working day. Does this sound like an organisation that values the work you do?

Members are not obliged to inform management in advance of their decision to stop work. If a manager or supervisor asks you between now and tomorrow whether you are intending to stop work, you are entitled to say, “the union will notify you as required”.

Participating in tomorrow’s protected industrial action is your opportunity to send a message to the Council that you need a pay increase that values your vital work and helps you keep up with the cost of living!

Only members of The Services Union can participate in protected industrial action. If you work with someone who wants a fair deal but is not yet a member, they can join quickly, easily and confidentially here.

Above: ASU is the Union fighting for Redland City Council.