Southern Downs members vote up action for better pay!

Congratulations to members of The Services Union at Southern Downs Regional Council who have voted overwhelmingly in favour of protected industrial action in support of fair pay!

Once we have received approval from the Industrial Registry, we will confer with your Workplace Delegates to determine appropriate times and places to commence rolling out the action.

This will be your chance to stand up and tell the Council that despite what its ratepayer-funded lawyer said at last week’s negotiations, 2.25% is not an appropriate pay increase given that the underlying rate of inflation currently sits at 4.9%. This is the same external representative who has stated that a claim for a pay increase that eases your cost-of-living pressures and recognises your productivity goes against the principles of good-faith bargaining!

Only members of The Services Union can participate in protected industrial action. If you work with someone who wants a fair deal but is not yet a member, they can join quickly, easily and confidentially here.

Above: ASU is the Union fighting for Southern Downs Regional Council.