Services Union QR Enterprise bargaining update!

The combined Rail Unions have requested QR respond to the “Queensland Rail Combined Union Wages Offer” put to them earlier this month and they have agreed to meet and respond to these claims on Friday 5 May 2023.

In terms of the high cost of living and the need to retain and attract staff the Core EA wages claims included:

  • One-off payment of $2,500 when the agreements are approved to compensate for missing a wage increase in the last EA
  • Annual wage increase linked to CPI – 6.5% - 3.5% (The CPI increase will have a ceiling of 6.5% and a floor of 3.5% meaning that if CPI goes above 6.5%, the annual increase will be capped at 6.5% and if CPI falls below 3.5%, the annual increase will be 3.5%)
There are several EA stream related dollar value claims that are also being considered by QR and we are continuing to meet with their representatives this week and next to work through these claims.  
Next step members

it’s very important that members contact the Union office and update your personal details particularly If QR come back in May with an offer that doesn’t address the high cost of living and is not something that members can accept! It is crucial that we are ready to explore all our Industrial options in this bargain.

To update your membership details, please call 3844 5300, this will ensure you can participate in any future Industrial activities legally.

Lastly if your work colleagues are looking to join our Union, please provide them this link.