INFO SESSION: Learn How Recent Changes to the SCHADS Award Impact You

As of 01 July 2022, changes to entitlements under the Social, Community, Home care and Disability Services Industry (SCHADS) Award have come into effect. A lot has changed, particularly for members of The Services Union in the Social and Community Services industry!

The Services Union is by your side in navigating the changes to the SCHADS award, so come and find out how the updates relate to your daily work in our SCHADS Award Member Update session on zoom for Thursday 01 September 2022.

There's plenty to find out about:

             Minimum payments and overtime for casual and part-time employees

             Consultation requirements

             Client cancellation provisions

             Shift location and travel provisions

             Clothing allowances

             Remote work entitlements

REGISTER NOW for our SCHADS Award Member Update session on Thursday 01 September 2022

Thursday 01 September 12:00PM to 1:00pm

For assistance in booking for the session, phone Services Connect on 3844 5300 or email [email protected]

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