No Major release! Further Update

Your Union officials and Senior Delegates have met with the EQL Executive over the past few weeks to discuss the dismantling of the DEBBs Program along with our partner Unions.  It has finally been acknowledged that the concerns we have raised over the past few years are valid, and the current proposal for AWM is not fit for purpose or deliverable. 

EQL is moving into a replanning phase to look at how we can best utilise the work done to date while ensuring we end up with a tool that the business can use.  Our Union has demanded and received a seat in this process and will ensure through daily meetings with the business, that our members’ concerns are raised and heard. 

If you have any insights into how the current streams of DEBBs can be better designed, please discuss with your Senior delegates.  We need to know of any previous feedback that has been ignored by the DEBBs management so it can be raised now during this review period, as well as any integration issues with the portfolio you may be aware of.

Now is the time to raise concerns, we cannot let the waste to continue.

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