On Tuesday last week, ASU delegates from across Australia strongly represented members in strategic bargaining negotiations. Your ASU delegates elevated our member voices and showed strength, organisation, and solidarity.

In the meeting, Neami said NO to our ASU claim for additional mental health and wellbeing leave and external supervision for all Neami workers, especially workers who are required to use their lived experience in their roles.

It is disappointing to say the least Neami, an organisation providing mental health and wellbeing services to the community, to not afford the same care for its own employees!!

Neami Staff are getting organised: Hundreds of Neami staff have sent a clear message to management we need a fair pay rise and decent conditions.

Congratulations to all the members who have taken part, and remember, if you aren’t yet a member now is the time to join. The more members we have the more pressure we can put on management for a fair deal.

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ASU also pressed our claims for:
  • Reclassifications now that better reflect and remunerate members for the work they do.
  • A classification review process clause that is procedurally fair and balanced.
Neami is considering our proposed classification review process clause and has agreed in principle to classifications review for all workers within 18-24 months.

Contact your local organiser  Stuart Maggs on 0439 713 803 or via email [email protected] for more information.