Moreton Bay Regional Council – The world is moving on

The Services Union is by your side throughout the negotiations for EBA5 and will continue to challenge the Council’s weak arguments for sub-par wage increases!

Simply put, 3.5% does not cut the mustard with inflation in Brisbane running at 7.3% and more likely to trend up than down in the September quarter which will be published by the Australian Bureau of Statistics in a couple of weeks.

The world is moving on, with our members achieving better 2022 wage outcomes at other Queensland Councils – Whitsunday 4%, Gold Coast 4% + $500 and Brisbane Council $2000 on base rate of pay + 4%.

Despite all of this, Moreton Bay Regional Council can’t move on from 3.5%! Clearly it’s yesterday’s payrise.

Our Union will convene a meeting with Union Delegate’s early next week to discuss our next steps. Watch this space for another update.

There is strength in numbers – remind your non-member colleagues to join the Union and stand up for the wage increase right for today.

Above: Members at Moreton Bay Regional Council standing up for a fair wage increase.