Union Secures Improved Offer at Gympie Regional Council


Despite yesterday's meeting coming to an amicable end between Unions and management, it has since become clear that Council has changed its wage offer so there is no wage increase for 2022.

This has never been made clear by management at any stage of the bargaining process. Our position and the position of other Unions has always been clear to include a wage increase in December 2021, December 2022 and December 2023.

This is a textbook example of failing to bargain in good faith!

Our Union has firmly rejected Council's wage offer that would look something like this:

             Year 1 (December 2021) - 4.6%

             Year 2 (12 months after signing of the agreement) - 4.4% (potentially November 2023)

             Year 3 (24 months after signing of the agreement) - 2.5% (potentially November 2024)

Our Union has been negotiating with the Council for almost one year and despite having a wage offer for you to consider the Council has now changed its position!

Where to from here?

You have made it clear that you will not accept wage increases that reduce the real value of your wages. This matter won't resolve while Council refuses to bargain in good faith.

If you work with someone who's not a member but is upset, bemused or just downright angry at Council's lack of respect for its staff then let them know they can join our Union here .

Above: The ASU is the union fighting for workers at Gympie Regional Council.