Energy Queensland Enterprise Agreement Update

As negotiations for your new enterprise agreement with Energy Queensland continue, we can report some movement in response to our claims, but we are still a long way from reaching agreement.

Our Union previously tabled a proposal for the introduction of a 32-hour week for Administrative and Professional/Managerial positions, this was met with a resounding no from Energy Queensland.  Through further discussions with Peter Scott and the Energy Queensland bargaining team this week, we tabled a revised proposition for consideration.

Our Union has tabled a claim for the introduction of a 34-hour week for Administrative and Professional/Managerial positions with no loss of pay.  Our claim is for the new working hours to be implemented through a phased approach however, there would be no trial period and the reduced hours would become the new ordinary hours of work.  We are currently continuing discussions with Energy Queensland to determine how this can be operationally implemented, and whilst there is no agreement at this stage, Energy Queensland has expressed a willingness to consider our claim.

Energy Queensland has moved in response to our claim for an increased ability to work from home.  Employees, whose roles are eligible, will be able to work from home 50% of the time.  We will work with Energy Queensland to determine how this will be implemented and managed.

Further negotiations are scheduled for 5th, 12th and 13th of December and we are hopeful that further progress will be made prior to Christmas.

If you want meaningful improvements to your existing conditions and you don’t want to fall behind industry standards, then we need you, as one of our members at EQL, to be prepared to take industrial action when the current Enterprise Agreement expires in February 2024. To ensure effective action can be taken, we ask that you please contact our Union office to provide your up-to-date contact information on (07) 3844 5300.

Together, we can make EQL one of the best places to work in the country. If you know someone who is not currently a member of a union, share this email with them and encourage them to join our Union by clicking the following link, so they too can be part of bringing about meaningful change at EQL.

The Services Union is by your side during these negotiations.

Above: The ASU is the union fighting for members at Energy QLD.