City of Gold Coast – No Deal on Fortnightly Pay

As your ally in the workplace at City of Gold Coast, The Services Union will always stand up for your rights.

Last Thursday, the City wrote to our Union regarding its proposal to transition from weekly to fortnightly pay cycles.

This is not the first time that the City has raised this matter, having tabled a claim for introducing fortnightly pays during the last round of Certified Agreement (CA) negotiations.

The Services Union replied yesterday to the City’s correspondence. Our response put forth the view that the City’s proposal breaches the No Extra Claims provision of the current CA, and therefore could not be accommodated under existing arrangements.

We will keep you updated as we progress the matter. In the interim, you can find all correspondence between the City and our Union here.

Members know The Services Union is by your side when it comes to ensuring your conditions are protected.

With CA negotiations just around the corner, remind your colleagues to join to improve your bargaining power, maintain your current conditions, and achieve the pay outcome you deserve!

City of Gold Coast Council
Above: Members at City of Gold Coast Council remain strong in their resolve for a fair EBA.