Cassowary Coast Regional Council: Bring it on!

As your ally in the workplace at Cassowary Coast Regional Council, The Services Union understands with perfect clarity that you deserve a new Certified Agreement that doesn’t leave you behind. The underlying inflation rate is currently at a 20-year high of 6.9%, and rents in some parts of your community have increased by 34% over the last year. Our Union therefore understands that you have no desire to sign up to a dud pay deal.

We told the Council this a month ago. We told them again today at the bargaining table, at which point the Council shut down the discussions. And when the Council follows through on its stated intention to seek assistance from the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission (QIRC), we’ll be happy to tell the Commissioner too.
While we await a QIRC listing, there are positive steps you can take towards better pay. If you’d like to represent your work group as part of our Union’s Strike Committee, please contact your Organiser Glenn Desmond.

And if you work with anyone who is not yet a member and wants a better deal, it’s time to tell them to join the Union working towards that outcome. It's easy online.

Above: The ASU is the union fighting for workers at Cassowary Coast Regional Council.