Bargaining Update - Slow and steady wins the race

The Services Union is by your side at Maranoa Regional Council for as long as it takes to achieve the pay and conditions you deserve. Last week’s Certified Agreement (CA) negotiation was lengthy but productive. We came away from the table with the following wins:
  • Agreement to allow Stream A staff access to a nine-day fortnight – we’re sure this will make many members happy!
  • Council withdrew its claim to expand ordinary hours of Stream A staff
  • Improved wage offer as follows:
    • 2.5% from first pay period following certification, backpaid to first pay period after 1 July 2022;
    • Additional 3% from first pay period following certification (i.e., total of 5.5% following certification);
    • 3% from first pay period after anniversary of certification;
    • 3% from first pay period after second anniversary of certification
However, the Council still wants to pursue multi-engagements in the new agreement but is willing to negotiate on the details. We are still discussing this provision and seeking further clarification. The Council also still seeks to:
  • cap redundancy at 52 weeks (currently uncapped),
  • keep employer superannuation contributions at current levels, rather than maintaining a margin above the legislated minimum
  • remove overtime for part-time staff required to work additional hours (which is below the Award provision)
Our Union has made some progress towards an Agreement we can live with but we’re not quite there yet. We know from experience that a strong Union is always the best way to achieving the right outcome. If you work with someone who is not yet a member and wants the best possible deal, encourage them to support your Workplace Delegates and get on board. It’s easy online.

ASU is the Union fighting for workers at Maranoa Regional Council.