Workforce Connect Survey

The opportunity
We are writing to you to promote and encourage your participation in an inaugural survey of the housing and homelessness sector in Queensland undertaken by Homelessness Queensland and Q Shelter.  This survey will assist to develop workforce wellbeing, attraction and retention frameworks, tools, and responses which is so important to our members that work in this sector.  

What the survey covers
The survey asks demographic questions to understand the profile of the workforce. The survey also asks questions about what contributes to wellbeing, attraction, and retention among the workforce to help drive sector-wide responses.
Who the survey is for?
  • You if you work in a specialist housing or homelessness service.
  • You if you are from a multi-service organisation that also delivers housing and/or homelessness services.
  • You if you work in the DFV or refuge sector.
You if you work in another type of service where you are called on to assist people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness, or where you are assisting to address housing needs and the sustainment of housing outcomes.

Start the survey now. 


Above: Housing and Homelessness Sector Survey