Win for workers: Outsourcing by Qantas found to be illegal

In a landmark victory the High Court has ruled unanimously in favour of Qantas workers. The court found categorically that Qantas illegally sacked 1,600 ground handling staff in 2020. This decision reaffirms fundamental workplace rights, including the right to organise, engage in protected industrial action, and participate in bargaining.

A long-standing battle and victory for all workers’ rights

For too long Qantas has exploited loopholes in the laws that are meant to protect workers. The Australian Services Union has consistently stood up against these practices. In our most recent negotiations, we secured some of the strongest job security protections in the airline industry.

The ASU is by your side and calling on the new Qantas management to put an end to years of outsourcing and relentless cost-cutting. Our goal is to build a strong local workforce of highly skilled customer service professionals who receive fair pay and solid job security.

But we are not stopping here.

This decision is a massive victory for workers’ rights and the right for union members to stand together.

To protect all workers from this mistreatment, our Federal Parliament must take action to close these loopholes that allow for exploitation in our industrial relations system. These weaknesses should never be used by business to undermine the hard-earned rights of Australian workers.

It's time for a fresh start and a renewed commitment to workers' dignity and rights.

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Above: ASU is the Union fighting for our members at Qantas.