Virgin Australia Airlines IOC Agreement - Backpay


The Services Union has approached Virgin Australia for an explanation of the reason for non-payment of backpay under the new IOC Agreement on overtime worked between 1 July 2022 and 16 August 2023 which is the date the new Agreement commenced operating.

The Services Union thinks that the concept of backpay is well understood and if there was any intention to deviate from that well understood concept, this should have been spelt out clearly in the Agreement and in the explanations of how the Agreement was to operate.

There should have been an adjustment payment for overtime worked in the period from 1 July until the Agreement formally commenced. This would have been consistent with the Wages explanation document produced by the Airline in May 2023 and the terms of the Agreement.

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We have asked the Airline to revisit its approach to this matter. There are a couple of options available to bring the matter to a resolution should the Airline choose to not pay you what you are owed. We hope that it will not be necessary for us to need to explore them.

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Above: The ASU is the union fighting for workers at Virgin Australia.