Unitywater's (restricted) access period

The “access period” for Unitywater’s proposed new Enterprise Agreement (EA) is into its last day, with online voting commencing tomorrow (Friday 8 March). If you’re thinking that Unitywater’s “access period” is misnamed, you’re not alone. Access to EA information over the last week has been severely limited.

First Unitywater was content to ignore its commitment to provide The Services Union with its proposed dates for access and voting. Unitywater’s excuse of “an oversight” is rubbish, given we’ve been at the table together upwards of six months.

Then came multiple reports of staff members being prevented from asking questions during online information sessions. In some cases, staff were not even allowed to join the sessions! It’s also been reported that Unitywater’s answers to very specific questions about the new EA have been evasive and confusing.

Clearly Unitywater knows its EA offer is sub-standard. That’s what everyone has told us in our recent surveys, and it’s easy to see why. Unitywater’s offer of 14% over four years is well below what similar workers in other workplaces (with better conditions) have achieved.

There is no reason why you should accept this. When voting opens tomorrow, vote NO and tell your colleagues why you’re doing so. If you work with someone who is not yet a member and wants a better deal, share this information sheet  with them and encourage them to join today .

The ASU is the union fighting for workers at Unitywater