Union resumes seqwater bargaining today

The The Services Union resumes negotiations with seqwater today for a new Enterprise Agreement (EA). Our discussions last week were relatively productive, with seqwater having supported our Union’s request to provide a draft “shell” document along with detailed notes explaining how the draft differs from the current EA. 

Accordingly, we now have a line of sight on seqwater overall position. seqwater did state its desire to pursue a separate EA for managers, but acknowledged this would be subject to negotiation with our Union. We will be guided by our affected members on this matter, and any manager with a strong view on whether or not to pursue a separate agreement is encouraged to join via the link below if they are not already part of our Union.

We will table your log of claims to seqwater today. Please contact your Workplace Delegate Damian Long with any questions, and remind your colleagues of the work we’re doing at the bargaining table. If you work with someone who wants the best deal possible but is not yet a member, joining is easy online.

ASU is the Union fighting for workers at SEQWater.