Union presses for further details at City of Gold Coast

Fully understanding the employer’s bargaining position is always vital to Certified Agreement (CA) negotiations. Yesterday The Services Union and our Single Bargaining Unit (SBU) colleagues requested further details from City of Gold Coast about its proposed changes in your new CA.

Regarding the City’s proposal to retire all Local Area Agreements (LAAs), we requested that the City provide modelling on how our members covered by each LAA would be affected if reverting to the entitlements of the Certified Agreement and the Award. The SBU also requested further details about the City’s proposal to reduce ordinary hours, including how this would affect specific arrangements such as Standby Days.

In good faith, the City Representative Team (CRT) undertook to prepare and present this information at or before the next meeting. Once we have all the details, we can respond accordingly based on the input that members have provided through the log of claims survey and endorsement meetings.

While we await those details, what’s certain is that we’re not interested in arrangements detrimental to our members’ pay and conditions The details we’ve requested will enable us to know exactly what we’re up against in pursuit of a fair and acceptable outcome.

We’ll resume negotiations on Tuesday 17 October. In the meantime, direct any questions to your Workplace Delegate, and remind your colleagues that a strong union is key to achieving a CA that recognises what you continue to deliver and the economic pressures you’re up against. Joining is easy online!

Above: Members at City of Gold Coast Council remain strong in their resolve for a fair EBA.