Union locks in wins at South Burnett

As your ally in the workplace at South Burnett Regional Council, The Services Union is committed to achieving the best pay and conditions. When our Union met with the Council for further Certified Agreement (CA) discussions last week, we confirmed several key improvements including a 10% pay increase over two years. Although the Council was unwilling to deliver 6% up front and 4% the following year, the 5% per year on offer is up there with the best of what members have achieved across the Local Authorities Industry. Based on members’ feedback, we confirmed our acceptance of this package as the basis for the pay component of the new CA, pending review of the final draft.

We also got the Council’s agreement on improved Union access at staff inductions, and on our proposed wording for the Equal Employment Opportunity provision, which is a new legislative requirement. We will meet next week to finalise the CA’s contents. Once we have reviewed the draft CA to ensure it contains all agreed changes, we will provide the Council with agreement for a staff vote, which we anticipate will happen by the end of January. The Council has committed to paying the increase in the first pay period after a successful vote.

All members can all take credit for getting us to where we are, so if you work with someone who is not yet on board, remind them that joining is easy online .