Union finalises Redland City Council pay deal

Last Friday afternoon, The Services Union finalised all outstanding matters for your new Certified Agreement (CA) with Redland City Council at the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission (QIRC).

The settled matters comprise:
  • Pay Increases:
    • 4% back-paid to 1 May 2022
    • 4% from 1 May 2023
    • The greater of 3.5% or CPI (capped at 4%) from 1 May 2024
    • CPI defined as the Brisbane rate for the March Quarter 2024 to prevent any delay in your increase
  • On-Call Allowance set at current Employees’ CA rate of $47.55/day and indexed per the above percentages
  • Clear parameters established for absenteeism management
  • Agreed wording for Equal Employment Opportunity clause per new legislation
  • All other CA conditions maintained
As members have already identified, the negotiations would have been resolved much sooner had the Council not needed the QIRC’s assistance to arrive at its current position of what constitutes a “fair and reasonable wage increase”! While the process was a little longer and more complicated than it should have been, members of our Union know we’re by your side for as long as it takes to get it done.

All members can take credit for achieving this outcome. If you work with someone who is not yet a member, remind them that joining is easy online.

Above: The ASU is the union fighting for workers at Redland City Council.