Union commences negotiations at Western Downs

The Services Union knows that you and your colleagues at Western Downs Regional Council have delivered and continue to deliver for your community. That’s why we will always be by your side to achieve the pay and conditions you deserve. Our commenced negotiations with the Council last week for your new Certified Agreements (CAs). We exchanged and explained our respective logs of claims and it was immediately clear that these negotiations will take some time.

As you will see from the Council’s log of claims , the Council has proposed several reductions to your existing conditions, including increasing your span of ordinary hours.

In turn, we spoke about the positives our claims  would provide the Council to assist with attraction and retention as well as the benefits to staff and the community including small business.  

We have yet to discuss a pay increase. However, with inflation currently sitting at 7.8% nationally (the highest in 30 years) and underlying inflation at a 20-year high of 6.9%, members are rightly saying that a strong salary outcome will be required.

As your ally in the workplace, we know from experience that strong membership is the key to making it happen. Remind your colleagues of the work we’re doing and encourage anyone not already a member to join online today .

Above: TSU members at Western Downs Regional Council