Union achieves improved offer at Redland City Council

The Services Union resumed pay negotiations today with Redland City Council. Following our Union’s application for assistance from the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission (QIRC), the discussions were chaired by Industrial Commissioner Power.

New Council Offer

After discussions between the parties with assistance from Commissioner Power, the Council tabled a new pay offer as follows:

             4% back-paid to May 2022

             4% to be paid from May 2023

             The greater of 3.5% or CPI (capped at 4%) from May 2024

             On-call allowance increased to the same level as the Employees’ Certified Agreement (CA) and then indexed by the above percentages

However, due to very recent changes in the Industrial Relations Act, all new CAs must incorporate a provision regarding Equal Employment Opportunity. The Council tabled its draft provision for the first time at the QIRC today and we will need to review this to ensure it is effective and compliant. Additionally, the Council is seeking some changes regarding provision of evidence for personal leave which had not previously been discussed during bargaining and we are still negotiating an outcome.

We are also seeking confirmation from the Council regarding a proposed change to the Construction Allowance, to ensure affected members aren’t disadvantaged by the proposed change. The QIRC has set down a listing for next Friday 18 November should we be unable to otherwise resolve these items.

Union Members Decide

Members of The Services Union can now vote on whether the above pay proposal should form the basis of the new Certified Agreement (CA). Please cast your vote here by 5pm on Tuesday 15 November.

Well done to members for standing up for a fair outcome. Welcome to those who joined over the course of negotiations to help make it happen. If you work with someone who you know will appreciate the improved pay deal but is not yet a member, remind them that joining is easy online.

Above: Great win! Our Union achieves improved offer in the QIRC for members at Redland City Council.