Time to lock it in at Barcaldine

Members of The Services Union at Barcaldine Regional Council know the challenges working for a regional Council. Members also know that as your ally in the workplace, we’re always by your side to ensure you get the pay and conditions you deserve.

Thanks to the efforts of Union members this year, we’ve finalised the proposed new Certified Agreement (CA).  It’s time for all Council staff to vote in line with the Council’s ballot process – don’t miss this opportunity to have your voice heard!

As to what you’re voting on, it will now be a three-year CA, delivering great improvements including:
  • Wage increases – 2.5% each year or State Wage Case, whichever is higher (this will mean a 4.6% wage increase for you this year, backdated to July)
  • $250 sign on bonus on a successful ballot
  • Up front increases in wage rates for key increment levels to recognise your years of service (the wage increases above will then apply to these new rates)
  • Guaranteed minimum entry level of 2.1 ensuring workers are not left at level 1 in future
  • Additional paid bereavement leave for travel beyond  days
  • Improved redundancy protections
  • Protection for emergency services volunteers to ensure you are not left worse off when doing call-outs at any time (you will receive the same earnings – Council will top up the difference if needed)
  • Revised funeral allowance structure recognising the work required
  • Ability to access leave at half pay
  • Living away from home allowance of $60 per day when working
If you believe this is a solid outcome, it will be important to vote Yes to lock in the above improvements. If you work with someone who is not yet contributing to a better outcome, remind them that joining is quick, easy and confidential online.


Above: Barcaldine Regional Council