They lied – Qantas now admits they are getting rid of master rosters

QYour Union, the ASU, has written to Qantas raising concerns about the airline’s conduct during enterprise agreement negotiations.

We have requested items that relate to Qantas’ proposal to remove the Senior Professional Group from the coverage of the next enterprise agreement. During the bargaining process, Qantas must disclose relevant information (other than confidential or commercially sensitive) to the ASU. The Fair Work Act imposes this requirement in an effort to make bargaining more efficient. At this stage, Qantas has not provided all of the requested information.

The information is relevant to the ASU’s considerations over the airline’s proposal, and it is difficult to engage in the scope of the next enterprise agreement without knowing details of what positions and functions Qantas is referring to.

We have also requested information that includes ASU 1 to 9 and QFIT employees.

It is disappointing that Qantas has yet to provide full and proper information about its proposal. If Qantas does not provide proper information, we will apply to the Fair Work Commission for a bargaining order requiring Qantas to negotiate in good faith.

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