The Services Union: Your pipeline to a better workplace at Urban Utilities

When it comes to your wellbeing at work, The Services Union is your ally in the workplace at Urban Utilities.

Health and Safety Representatives

Our Union has been taking an active role in reviewing and improving the Health and Safety Representative (HSR) structures across the Scientific Analytical Services (SAS) area of the business. As of today we have facilitated the election of a HSR and a deputy in two of the three agreed Designated Work Groups (DWGs). Congratulations to Tony Holland (HSR) and Jane Pullar (Deputy HSR) in the Laboratory Operations DWG, and to Brad Warren (HSR) and Damien Murray (Deputy HSR) in Field Analytics. We are awaiting feedback from management on a date to facilitate the elections in the Business Enablement DWG. Next steps will include locking the successful nominees in for the required five days’ training and then working on plans to support the HSRs in delivering for the workers they represent.


If you work in any other area of Urban Utilities and you have questions or concerns about your current representation for Health and Safety matters, please contact your organiser Brendan Parkinson. Note that the Queensland Government’s new Psychosocial Hazards Code of Practice takes effect from 1 April and adds to your current rights under existing WHS legislation. Properly elected and trained HSRs will be vital to implementing the Code to ensure you are properly consulted about any proposed workplace changes.   


SAS Enterprise Agreement (EA)

Negotiations are ongoing for a new SAS EA. Despite Urban Utilities’ persistent refusal to offer, last week’s meeting saw Urban Utilities actually agree to some of your other claims. We now have (at least partial) notional agreement on Union Delegates’ training leave, worker-driven alterations to start and finish times based on environmental factors, and provisions supporting better mental health outcomes. Urban Utilities will provide feedback on our proposed Reproductive Health clause at the next meeting on Thursday 2 March. Our Union will continue to press for further improvements and of course a better pay offer.


DATE CLAIMER: SAS members are invited to catch up with Branch Secretary Neil Henderson at 5pm on Wednesday 1 March at Hotel Monier to discuss options to progress the negotiations.


Whether it’s a pay offer or safety at work, our Union is your pipeline to better outcomes. The best results come from strong membership, so if you work with someone who is not yet a member, joining is easy online.