The No. 1 thing community and disability workers now need.

In this week’s Federal Budget, ASU members in community and disability services won substantial funding for their sectors (read all about it in our exclusive budget update for ASU members ). We need to ensure that this will adequately cover the 7% wage increase we are advocating for in the Annual Wage Review.

Frontline workers in community and disability need a genuine wage increase that values our work now.

Take our wage calculator test to see what a 7% pay rise could mean for you. 

Together ASU members are sending a message: Workers need a pay rise.

Whilst the federal budget was a good first step in relieving some cost-of-living pressures for struggling households, it was only that – a first step.

To really help households, we need to get wages moving again.  A 7% wage rise is what community and disability sector workers now need.

Take our wage calculator test to see what you will be paid if we win.

Above: Budget 2023 - It's time for a pay rise!