Tell Redland City Council You Deserve More

The Services Union has notified the Council of our intention to engage in Protected Industrial Action in the form of rolling work stoppages on Thursday 15 September.

We will be holding discussions with members across the Council about what this means for you and your work group. We will issue written instructions based on those discussions prior to the stoppages on Thursday.

If you have any questions, look out for your organisers over the coming days, or speak to one of your delegates:

  • Lisa Bailey (Indigiscapes)
  • Fred Linardon (Animal Management and Local Laws)
  • Rob Edwards (Cleveland Library Building)
  • Chris Nash (Cleveland Admin Building)

Only members of The Services Union are protected when participating in any industrial action. If you work with someone who wants a fair deal but is not yet a member, they can join here .

Above: The ASU is the union fighting for workers at Redland City Council.