Congratulations to Jen Davis who has been awarded our Tehanne-Denham Jarvis Award for 2023.

Tehanne was our former Rail Industry Vice President and made a great contribution to our Executive and Union.  Our Union and our Rail Industry lost a great friend and supporter with her passing in 2021.  This award is in her honour.

Jen has worked at Queensland Rail since 2020 as a porter and has been a member of our Union since then. Prior to this, Jen had a career in the military and then the mines and she was involved as a union member in her previous workplaces.

Very quickly, Jen stepped up and became a Delegate for our Union thankfully.

While Jen was working at South Brisbane Station she advocated for improved roster for porters. This was a long campaign that eventually saw the introduction of a new roster with better work/life balance. Through her tenacious advocacy for her workmates at QR, Jen has ensured her workmates have more flexibility with their work life! A huge achievement! 

Recently, she has been actively involved in negotiations with QR management as part of the committee working on the Station Operations Enterprise Agreement.  Jen said this experience has been enlightening for her and she has learned a great deal.

 Jen is now working as a porter at Bowen Hills Station and is enjoying the new work location and the mentoring of new Delegates.

By having a strong representation of women within unions in the workplace, Jen said we can effectively advocate for these issues and strive for equality around such issues as the gender pay gap. Since becoming a Workplace Delegate, Jen said she has gained invaluable knowledge about workplace relations and that this role has provided a wonderful opportunity to expand her professional network.

Jen said, “….considering that we spend a significant portion of our lives at work, being a delegate is a positive way to make a difference and have a voice.”

Thank you Jen for all your hard work and for making real positive change at QR.

Congratulations of receiving the Tehanne Denham Jarvis Award.

Above: Congratulations Jen.