Tablelands Regional Council: It’s not hard to work out what’s fair

It’s not hard to work out what’s fair

The Services Union is by your side as we seek to ensure that you achieve decent and equitable outcomes in the negotiation for your new Collective Agreement.

Unfortunately, your employer doesn’t agree with your view on what is fair and what is equitable.

Council has proposed to upgrade the third year of the pay offer from 3 to 3.5% but is still offering Stream A employees less than Stream B and C employees for Years 1 and 2. 2022 is littered with similar failed attempts by other Councils to offer different pay increases.

Council has requested we respond to the their upgraded third year offer by 18th January, 2023. Until we can resolve the issue of the unequal pay increase first, then addressing the third year is a moot point.

The Council is also refusing to apply a minimum classification of Level 1.6 for staff in Libraries, Visitor Information Centres (VICs), Galleries, Stores and Records & Information and opposing paying penalty rates for Permanent staff in Libraries, Galleries & Visitor Information Centres.

We have told Council in no uncertain terms that we do not accept the lesser pay offer, we do not accept that unsupervised staff should be receiving a Level 1 Classification for years on end, and, we do not accept that staff should be expected to work weekends without being paid penalty rates.

Where to now?

Now is the time to show your support for a fair agreement by speaking to your colleagues who are not in the union. If they support our claims that indoor staff should be fairly paid then it’s time for them to stand up and join at The Services Union .

The next meeting is proposed to take place on the 19th January, 2023.

If you have any further questions please direct them to either your Workplace Delegates, Jimmy Bosanquet or Caroline O’Reilly, or Organiser, Tom Rivers (who is covering TRC negotiations while your NQ Organiser is on leave) at [email protected] .

ASU is the Union fighting for Tablelands Regional Council.