TSU calls for stable and predictable rosters at the Fair Work Commission

  The TSU is actively advocating for overhauling the current rostering system in the airline industry. Stable and predictable rosters are essential in ensuring the healthy work-life balance of our members.

The Fair Work Commission is undertaking a thorough review to explore avenues for establishing stable and predictable rosters. The TSU is urging the Fair Work Commission to adopt a suite of changes that would afford enhanced protections for workers. Our proposal aims to correct the current inequities in work-life balance favouring employers.

We are calling for the establishment of an industry minimum standard to include:

  1. Minimum published roster period of 28 days,

  2. Minimum notice period of 14 days for roster changes,

  3. Overtime compensation for work outside the notified roster,

  4. Limit of 5 consecutive workdays without a day’s break, and

  5. Daily maximum working time limit of 12 hours.

For part-time employees, our proposals include:
  1. Establishment of a fair and relevant safety net,

  2. Guarantee of reasonably predictable hours,

  3. Documentation of a written agreement outlining a regular work pattern,

  4. Overtime compensation for work outside the notified roster/agreed hours,

  5. Pro-rata pay and conditions equivalent to full-time employees, and

  6. Provision enabling employees to request an update to contractual work hours.

This proposal aligns with our Union’s commitment to ensuring the well-being and rights of airline workers. We believe that implementing these changes will create a more balanced and equitable working environment.

The Fair Work Commission will consider our submission alongside those of employers and other unions. We will keep you updated as this process unfolds. 

Above: The ASU is the union fighting for workers in Australian airlines.