Sunshine Coast Council members decide on next steps.

The Services Union will always be by your side at Sunshine Coast Council to get the right deal for you. It’s all over bar the shouting for your Field-Based colleagues, with the outdoor Unions endorsing a package comprising wage increases of 6% (year 1), 5% (year 2) and 4% (year 3) and a sign-on bonus of $800. It’s important to note that this package comes at the cost of reducing some existing provisions in the Field-Based Certified Agreement.

On the other hand, members of our Union are saying that the Council still has room to improve its offer of 6%, 4% and 3% for the Salaried Officers’ CA, and that you’re in no mood to trade away conditions. It’s hard to disagree. The underlying rate of inflation currently sits at 6.6%. You’re also coming off a very low starting line due to the bargain-basement increases in the current CA, and your pay has lost significant ground compared to the cost of living. That’s why we tabled a counter-proposal of 10%, 5% (or CPI) and 5% (or CPI) when we met with the Council last week, and we’re keen to discuss your views on our next steps.

We’re convening two lunchtime meetings today in the “Maroochy A” Room on Level 7 at City Hall, at 12.30 and 1.15. If you work at City Hall, please attend the meeting that best suits your lunch break. If you’re at another site, we’ll be in touch to discuss the way forward. If you have any specific feedback, please talk to your Workplace Delegate or contact your organiser. As we approach the pointy end of bargaining, a strong union is what will make a difference. If you work with someone who wants a deal more closely aligned to current cost-of-living pressures but is not yet a member, joining is easy online.

Above: Sunshine Coast Council