Sunshine Coast Council bargaining update

The Services Union continues negotiations today for your new Certified Agreement (CA) at Sunshine Coast Council. The pace of discussions increased last week, and we had robust discussions on several matters.

The good news is that the Council has proposed to increase the First Aid allowance to the Award rate of $19.70 per week without increasing the number of days worked (two per week). On that note, if you believe you are currently entitled to this allowance and it is not being paid correctly, contact your organiser Jason Shepherd outlining what you believe is the issue.

There was little else in terms of good news however, particularly where pay was concerned. You have told us loudly and clearly, and we have repeatedly told the Council, that members on the Coast are acutely feeling the cost-of-living crisis. Clearly the Council has a responsibility to pay its staff fairly and competitively to ensure attraction and retention. The Council seems unable to grasp this, and has offered to increase its underwhelming pay offer by only 0.75% in the final year, and only if we agreed to the following:

  • withdraw claims for additional superannuation and unused sick leave payout;
  • adopt the Council’s multiple work location proposal;
  • remove requirement to consult before contracting out;
  • expand ordinary hours to 5am – 7pm
While we’re very much in the thick of bargaining, we’re clearly in for a bumpy ride so buckle up! Talk to your colleagues about the work we’re doing for everyone at the bargaining table. We achieve our best results with a strong, informed Union in the workplace. Joining is easy online. 

ASU is the Union fighting for Sunshine Coast Regional Council.