Strengthening Local Government Campaign and State Wage Case Update

Members of The Services Union know that a highly skilled, qualified, professional, and sustainable workforce is essential to delivering high quality services to support our communities. Members also know that leadership, culture, work design and work environment shape outcomes for successfully run Councils.

That’s why our Union has been meeting up with key Local Government unions, stakeholders and the Deputy Premier, Steven Miles, to consider key legislative changes that would ensure our workplaces are fair and responsive including:

  • Workforce Planning as a necessity: Discussions are taking place to trial a workforce planning pilot project with some key Councils.
  • A fair and responsive Local Government for all: Establishment of permanent employment and positive performance management; Supporting Councils to foster culturally capable workforces by development of cultural capabilities of the Councils, promoting CEOs to take certain steps to promote equity, diversity, respect, and inclusion in relation to employment matters.
  • Superannuation: Improving retirement outcomes for Local Government employees. Councils to contribute a minimum of 12% to all employees (Brisbane Council contribute 14%), including temporary and casuals. Removing the obligation for employees to have to make additional superannuation contributions.
We have since sent a follow up letter outlining our recommendations (see our letter to the Deputy Premier here ).

Our union is in the early stages of progressing some amendments to our award.  Each year our union participates in the State Wage Case to benefit our members that are award reliant for wage and allowance increases.  There has been some delay to this process, however we anticipate that the state wage case once determined will be back paid to 1 September 2023.

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Above: TSU Branch President Kate Cotter (L)  & Executive President Jenny Thomas (R) with Deputy Premier Steven Miles