Strengthening Local Government – Meeting the Deputy Premier

Last week the President of The Services Union, Kate Cotter, and Executive President, Jennifer Thomas, met with Hon Steven Miles, Deputy Premier, Minister for State Development, Infrastructure, Local Government and Planning.

We had the opportunity to brief the Deputy Premier on our Strengthening Local Government campaign and outline some key legislative changes that would ensure our workplaces are fair and responsive.

Our Strengthening Queensland’s Local Government Industry: Improved outcomes for all Queenslanders Campaign booklet can be found here . This booklet highlights key areas for change including workforce planning, fairer and clearer investigation processes, focus on permanent and secure work, delivering on pay equity and of course fairer Federal funding to name just a few.

Every day you deliver vital frontline services to your community and our Union wants to make sure that we are making Local Government a better, safer, more inclusive, and more sustainable place to work. Where we can, we are working closely with Councils to work through the current recruitment and retention issues that are wreaking havoc across your industry. 

The Deputy Premier will be our key guest speaker at our upcoming Local Government Delegate Conference on the 1st of June. We look forward to discussing Local Government funding, sustainability and other key issues from our Strengthening Local Government campaign.

The Services Union is focused on Strengthening Local Government, please share our message with your colleagues and encourage them to join here . We need your help to win.