SEQWATER Restructure - Our Union is By Your Side 

Seqwater has briefed The Services Union on its intention to restructure its organisation with a view to centralising its capital delivery and separating it from operations (producing water).

Our Union has tabled affected members’ concerns to Seqwater management, and we have received the following assurances:

- there will be no job losses as Seqwater is on a growth trajectory;
- employees who are displaced from current roles will not have their income reduced;
- the proposed organisational changes should not present a reason for leave applications to be denied;
- the biggest overall impact will be to lines of reporting.

We understand that any organisational change can be unsettling, and we’re by your side to deal with any emerging issues. If you have concerns about the proposed restructure, please get in contact , noting that Seqwater will consider any feedback tabled before 10 November.

And if you work with someone who is not yet a member, remind them that joining is easy at .

ASU is the Union fighting for workers at SEQWater.