SACS - Christmas/New Year shutdown

As Christmas approaches, members employed in the Social and Community Services Industry may be directed to take annual or other accrued leave over the Christmas/New Year period.

Employees covered by the Social, Community, Home Care and Disability Services Award 2010 (SCHADS) or the National Employment Standards underpinning the Award can not be directed to take annual leave during a shutdown period.

An employee can still agree to take annual leave, annual leave in advance or unpaid leave during a shutdown.

However, if you don’t agree, you should be paid your ordinary pay rate for the shutdown. You can’t be forced to take unpaid leave.

For our members covered by an Enterprise Agreement (EA), whether you can be forced to take leave during a shutdown will depend on your EA. To find out if your employer’s direction to take leave is lawful or not, contact Services Connect on 3844 5300.